Fishing trip with a guide

If you are looking for extraordinary experiences and new informations, you can also arrange a guide at sea in one day in our fishing camp. You will be taken care of by our manager "Fischmachine", who will prepare a fishing program for you and go through his favorite places and fishing techniques with you.

The fishing trip always starts the day before, when our guide will usually tell you what you need to prepare for rods, rigs and baits.

What awaits you?

  • Preparation of rods, assemblies, baits the day before. Arrange the time of departure and other circumstances directly with the guide.
  • On the day of departure, your fishing gear is applied to the boat. Rods and boxes with baits. It is necessary not to forget refreshments and sufficient clothing and glasses.
  • After boarding the guide you will be seated and guided to the first spot, which is the undersea mountains, where we will try fishing on surface baits (poppers or whopper ploppers).
  • Another spot will be around the undersea mountains. We try jigging (fishing) on large rubber rippers, where we will try to catch trophy cod.
  • Then we will try fishing on live bait, first we will catch small fish (mackerel, herring) and then we will try to find trophy ling, cod or halibut. 
  • Finally, we will stop at the underwater mountains to try popping and then return to the camp.

The price per hour of the guide, including fuel and guide services, is NOK 1,000. The minimum guide time is six hours.

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