The Flatanger region is known as one of the best fishing spots in Norway.

Small fjords, islands, skerries, pronounced belts of shallows off the coast, short distances to the edge of the break in the deep sea.
The underwater ridge Glasøygrunnen with its steep drops off the coast, the 22 mark at Sorskyttelen, the Paelskoltan shoal and not to forget the plateaus around the Kya lighthouse.

Whether the pilk fan or the natural bait angler, every guest gets their money's worth here.
Even newcomers to these fishing disciplines can be given a catch guarantee here.
In addition, the biodiversity of the region makes HasvågCamp the ideal starting point for excellent sea fishing.

The covered filleting area with running water is right on the quay and the large freezers are housed in the boathouse.

  • Accommodation for any number of crews from 3 to 8 people.
  • Quality 5.4 meter long boats equipped with Yamaha engines with an output of 40 horsepower.
  • Czech fishing guide with many years of experience with fishing in Norway.
  • Possibility to rent all fishing equipment.
  • Great area for very experienced but also beginner fishermens.
  • Great fishing location, which offers a lot of excellent and attractive places for fishing.
  • Regular catches of trophy fish, most often cod, coalfish, ling and halibut.
  • Distance to the open sea only fifteen minutes by boat.
  • The camp is very well covered from the bad weather, so you can go fishing almost throughout your stay.
  • The camp also offers very good conditions for fishing from the shore, from one of our piers, where the tide depth is more than twelve meters and various species of fish are regularly caught here. Once even a 22 kilogram halibut was caught directly from the pier.
  • Two surrounding fjords.
  • Fillet shelter with running water.
  • Freezer for each crew.