Fishing guide

About our fishing guide.

Hi friends fishermen,

In the camp I will greet you, my name is Zdeněk Řeřucha and I am the founder and chief editor of the fishing magazine, as well as the manager of Hasvag camp. The articles described above are my work if you are interested in more about fishing in Norway, you can read more articles, watch some of my videos, or just write me on Facebook by e-mail that I am happy to answer.

I have been fishing for Norway since I was 10 years old, and in this very early age, my father took me to fish in this beautiful country, and I am very grateful to him. I have literally loved fishing in Norway, so I started exploring different localities, made dozens of excursions to different areas, from the south to the northern end and eventually ended in Hasvag, where I found the best conditions for fishing for all fish species living in Norway.

I have always liked the challenges and I always wanted to rip my records, constantly shifting the bar of my catches higher and higher. That is why I have always focused on one of my fish species in one of my expeditions, in which I tried to observe his behavior, where he rested, he responded to certain pitfalls and tried to catch as many fish as possible. In several areas in Norway, however, it is not possible to encounter all kinds of fish, but it is in Hasvagu yes. That's why I'm so glad here, because it's possible to catch any trophy fish here.